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Sunday, May 10, 2015

retire in central america

In Costa Rica—as Jason was saying—you have lots of options. And those options all come with a good-value price tag. So you could pinpoint a spot that suits your preferences and priorities—whether that's a beach with a view of the ocean or a lakeside retreat or a little cottage tucked up into a field of coffee plants. And you could enjoy a comfortable life there for $2,500 a month or less (including rent).
Point is: You have options. That was the theme of the day here—of the whole event, really—because Costa Rica is just one of many destinations all over the planet where you can upgrade your lifestyle and live better, for less.
When you look beyond our borders, you discover a world of opportunity...
Did you know, for instance, that right now you could own a village home in Sicily for €1—that's right, a single euro? Renovate it for $50,000, and you'd have a gorgeous stone home with an ocean view in Italy for the price of a tract house in Middle America.
Or maybe you'd prefer something closer to home. How about a one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage on Nicaragua's Caribbean Corn Islands—right smack on the sandy beach—for $75,000?
You could rent a place in small-town Colombia for as little as $450 a month just outside of Manizales, a university town...and be connected to the city's vibrant downtown by cable car. Here daytime highs rarely exceed 72 F and you could enjoy jazz and theater festivals and a casual café culture.
Or consider Southeast Asia—it may seem far away, but the pluses could well outweigh the drawback of distance. In Penang, Malaysia, for instance, you could live in a high-rise that looks and feels as sophisticated and swanky as high-end Miami...but pay less than you would in Boise, Idaho. have good ones. And your timing has never been better for life overseas. Internet technology has made going abroad so much easier than ever before. And these days it's simple and affordable to stay in touch while you're away. Infrastructure improvements have made getting to—and around—the planet easier than ever as well.
Even so, for the majority of the 8,000 baby boomers who will turn 65 every day for the next 15 years, retirement is going to be a slog. Most folks haven't saved enough—if anything—and conventional wisdom says, "Well, that's the way it is—work a little harder, clock in for another decade, save a little more, and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to retire."
But in the right places overseas, you can turn that conventional wisdom on its ear. You could retire well—or even retire early. And that's precisely what we've been showing the hundreds of IL readers here with us in Las Vegas.
Because in the right places beyond our borders, you have options the average American is never going to hear about.
But we've heard about them over the last few days...
And it wasn't just a laundry list of facts our experts dished out—it was something much, much more useful: judgment, recommendations, nuance.
Your fellow readers here with me would tell you: We've heard why places are great (and what they lack, too). We've gotten in-depth recommendations and solutions. Attendees are asking questions and the experts are answering them. And we're recording all of it.
The readers here have discovered:
  • How (and why) owning assets outside the U.S. can be an "insurance policy" against the devaluation of the U.S. dollar...and the best, safest, most cost-effective ways to hold those assets.
  • How to turn skills and interests you have into a portable income overseasand fund the freedom you're looking for—even if you've never had any sort of "portable" income before. You'd be surprised at the incredible number of options you have, once you know how to spot them.
  • Why English-speaking Belize may well be your ideal haven if you're looking for laidback beach living or a self-sufficient retreat up in the rolling hills. This little nation on the Caribbean is easy, friendly, and good-value. Take advantage of its program for retirees, and you can get residence in Belize—but only have to be physically present there a month each year!
  • Nicaragua, just two hours from Houston and Miami may well be the safest, best-value locale in Central America. It's home to the largest rainforest north of the Amazon and offers nice variety in landscape and lifestyle—from beaches to temperate highlands to colonial cities. This nation's program for retirees is extremely attractive. And you can qualify if you're 45 or older—and have $600 a month in income.
  • quiet way to maximize your government retirement benefits with a special monthly payout you have to both qualify for and apply for (lots of folks qualify but few know to ask for it). It could hand you as much as an additional $845 a month in benefits.
  • As baby boomers retire, the U.S. faces huge unfunded liabilities in the form of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The Fed is likely to increase taxes and devalue the dollar. Now you can throw your hands up in despair, or you can invest your own nest egg in such a way that you're still making money. This morning, Aaron Stevenson talked about an easy way from right there at home you can safely diversify to protect and grow your portfolio...
  • You could live well in Thailand—for a modest $1,200 a month...and that includes your housing.
  • Two Italys exist, when it comes down to it—north and south. And, in macro terms, the farther south you go, the more affordable it is. Near well-touristed Lake Como in the north, for instance, you can expect to pay from $825 a month in rent (and it's easy to pay three times that). But go farther south to Puglia, the coastal region that includes Italy's "heel," and you'll find monthly rent on a two-bedroom furnished apartment starts at just $445.
  • And lots, lots more...
Over the past two-and-a-half days, we've heard about the best-value deals and the most attractive communities for living, retiring, investing, and France...Costa Rica...Brazil...Thailand...Uruguay...Panama...Mexico...Malaysia...or Spain...the Dominican Republic...Belize...Ireland...and beyond.
We've talked about the importance of integrating into your community andlearning (at least a little) of the local language—and focused on customs and courtesies you should know in Latin America.
We've heard from financial experts who've spoken about ways you can invest globally to better protect and grow your portfolio, no matter where you live.
We've heard about the smartest ways to arrange your affairs to minimize your taxes and maximize the amount of income you have to live on and enjoy...
We've discussed three important ways you can profit from international real estate...and we've considered the benefits of a second passport, too...
We've done our very best to help the folks here on the ground match the idea they have in their mind's eye to a real-world place on the ground where they could make their dream a reality.
The truth is—these are only a small fraction of the secrets our experts have shared. All I could hope to do here is share a few choice nuggets with you.
But even though you weren't in the room here in Vegas, it's not too late for you to benefit. Right now you can get your hands on everything the experts shared here—all 57 presentations—at a deep, deep discount

belize is an amazing country in central america

There's a strong case to be made for communities where the welcome mat is rolled out for expats and your new adventure can begin with a minimum of frustration.
What makes a place "easy?" First, it's not too far from home. If you need to get back for an emergency or friends and family want to visit, it's not a chore. When you can still get many of the same goods and services you're used to, culture shock won't disorient you. When there's at least a small expat community already established, it means you can make friends in your own language and you can ask questions of folks who have "gone before you." That increases your comfort level exponentially.
In a place that's "easy," you can rent a home or apartment you'll be comfortable living in, and that means you can take your new life for a test drive. And an "easy" place offers good, affordable healthcare...restaurants...and things to do.
The places we're looking at today all meet those criteria. Yet they're hardly cookie-cutter destinations. And you won't mistake any of them for Kansas. They each have their individual appeal. What they have in common is that they're all places where you can settle in easily...and start enjoying your new life fast.
First up is Costa Rica. It's a country known for its beaches, but the majority of foreigners who move here tend to settle in the Central Valley. At an elevation of about 3,600 feet above sea level, daytime temperatures average 75 to 80 F.
In Belize, meanwhile, the language is the same, the money is the same, even the electrical system is the same. Everyone speaks English. The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere and it's a two-hour flight from Houston.
For an expat easing into city living there are few places as convenient and appealing as Panama City. Most foreigners arriving here for the first time are happily surprised by what they find. It doesn't fit the stereotypical image of the Third World... The infrastructure, diversity and sophistication are utterly First World. This is a tropical city with a taste of home.


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