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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

sikanoukeville, one of cheap beach to retire

there is no shortage of respelendent buddhist temples to see, adn at spots like sihanokville, you have some of the beaches in southeast asia
the cost of living in cambodia is so low that my bills only around 1200 and i eat out wherever and whenever i want a drink runts you can have 2$ and i can have a fresh cooked meal at a restaurant for as little as 2.50 $
you can dine on 3$ barbecue and 50 cent beer in lounge chair on beach at a sunset instead of inside a covered restaurant
the countrys ecotic charms as well by its fantastically low cost of living.
i had spent over a year travelling across southeast asia and i live on a budget but i was shock how cheap is cambodia not only discover that cambodian people are friendly and welcoming foreign visitor but it amazed me that even compared to affordable countries like thailand and malaysia , the cost of living here is very low.
for example in phnom penh, it cost me less than 200$ a month, while my water bill is $10 cable tv is 5 dollar and garbage pick up is 2 $
my fave food is a breakfast of fried pork with steam rice and pickled vegetables plus an ice coffee with all together less than 2$
the pair of leather shoes is lsess 22$ weekly manicure of 6$ and transport tuktuk in 1$ and 3$
you can rent one bed room apartment for as little as 200$ a momth or studio aparmtnet for little as 120$


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