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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jobs and Job Creation

Which program will work for you?


Canada’s Economic Action Plan (EAP) supports jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.
Job creation remains a top priority, along with helping workers get better jobs. Apprenticeship grants, retraining programs, job finding resources, and funding are helping Canadians access the training, personal development and career advancement programs needed to be successful in today’s global economy.
In Canada’s fast-paced labour market, you’ll need the right tools, resources, and skill sets to get ahead. Canada’s EAP can help.
Photo - Skilled Trades Students

Apprentices and Apprenticeship Grants

The Government recognizes the importance of skilled workers and has created federal programs to support apprentices and the employers that hire them. Jobs in the skilled trades and technology are high quality and well paying. They offer exciting careers for life and give you opportunities to advance to supervisory and management roles. You can even open your own business. [More. . .]
Photo – Trade student examines circuit board with instructor

Work Experience for Youth

Find out how the Economic Action Plan is providing young Canadians with access to the information and opportunities necessary to make informed training and employment choices and gain valuable skill sets. [More. . .]
First Nations students in a cooking class

Training Programs for Aboriginals

Canada’s young Aboriginal population has tremendous potential for long-term success and economic prosperity, but remains underrepresented in both the labour market and in post-secondary institutions.  There are programs and initiatives to change that. [More. . .]
Photo - Group of people representing different professions and trades

Want to find out where the jobs are in Canada?

Are you thinking of relocating for new job opportunities? Do you want to discover where in Canada specific trades and skills are in high demand? Do you want to explore new and unique employment opportunities


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